Vessels - Objects made to contain

Peter’s work has been primarily concerned with the wheel-thrown object, exploring the infinite possibilities of the curved form. Throwing the perfect form, and enriching the surface with glazes rich in colour and depth.

Crackle Glaze Ovoids in various sizes.

Bottles in a variety of shapes and colours.


Orbs & Bottles are hand-thrown, fluent and harmoniously-shaped objects that form a statement in-situ, no matter what size they are. They group together well, can be matching or complementary colours, intense in tone or in soft, delicate colours that quietly move into the background to be understated and elegant.


CRACKLE GLAZE, by Peter Collis

The crackle effect is due to playing with the co-efficient of expansion between the glaze and the porcelain body. The crackle pattern is highlighted by the use of black dye, each piece is herewith made unique, not just in shape, but in the pattern created during the dyeing process. .


IMG_5115, edited.jpg



CAST GLASS & PORCELAIN WORK, by Julie and Peter Collis

New work has included the development of a range of cast glass stoppers which fit into a range of ‘bottles’ designed by Julie but thrown in porcelain by Peter.

The stoppers feature small carved pieces that are reminiscent of birds and fish in our environment. Rather than zoological specimens some of them have a flavour of the pacific, as if they have come from wood or shell carvings from a remote island, as they perch on a pond or pool.

The glass comes in seven designs and a multitude of colours. The Porcelain is glazed in a soft celadon green.



Ever changing bodies of work: When visiting the studio or the Back Room Shop, there will always be  a number of items that are thrown in random designs. These are often the lead into a new body of work, an exhibition or just experimentation. To view more, either contact us, or view the Back Room Studio for current items.

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