The Back Room - Studio & Shop

Each piece we do is one-of-a-kind - it is made by hand.

Things for you to know:

The collections comprise of in-house collections that are by design similar, but each piece is one-of-a-kind. Even if you really tried to make each piece the same, there would always be the marks of maker, often called the fingerprint of the crafts person.

Therefore, in order to show what is available for online for purchase, we have set up a shop with pieces. The pieces will change weekly and/or as they sell.

From anywhere on the site, you can contact us about the collection you are interested in (there is a contact form on the 'say hello' page). We will then pop some pieces of that collection into the shop for you to select from.

GST (local tax) is included in the price shown. We send world-wide. Freight is not included in the prices shown. We will give you the freight options by email, and then add it to the purchase price. 

Freight is proportionally expensive- we are, after all, at the end of the world. However, you will be surprised that often the international freight prices are not dissimilar to sending within the country

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