Objects - Hemispherical Vessels

Bowls, platters, tabletop vessels form an important part of any interior, being used for presentation and to add a splash of colour to a room and thereby expressing  your personality and style . 

The table objects show a distinct difference in style and artistry: Julie's work is fine bone china or porcelain, with quirky features juxtaposing with the elegant. Peter uses rich, pooling glazes with his hand-throwing techniques to create stunningly striking feature pieces for interiors.   



This body of work is not about the artist being in total control. It is more about ‘process’ illustrating itself. Allowing the material to be itself. Accidents are part of the content of this work. Therefore no two pieces will ever be the same. 

Created initially for an exhibition, these bone china vessels are contemporary, fine, elegant and have a twist. The linear surface design is structured in contrast to the unique 'collapse' of the vessel, making this fine material almost tangible, like a thin, soft tissue paper. Beautiful, beautiful objects that deserve pride of place.  

PAPER & PLASTIC, by Julie Collis 

Now an exploration of the qualities of materials such as crushed paper and plastic bags are reproduced in another medium, bone china, and used in another context. They have moved from the throw away item to something of value.

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"Early memories of tea by the fire, embroidered cloth, bone china, with doilies. School holidays spent with my grandmother, who taught me to sew, knit and crochet. Things I hold precious. It is the small domestic pieces, evidence of women’s lives and activities that interest me. I have a large collection of family table linen in many forms. Recently I have been experimenting with slip casting delicate bone china pieces, also decorated with a trompe l’oeil of lace or crochet. " Julie Collis.

Now reproduced in another medium, bone china, and decorated in another context, they have changed from the soft textile, crochet or lace to an intrinsic part of the functional item. Bone china condiment sets by Julie Collis include a milk jug, lidded sugar bowl and mustard pot, salt pig and pepper bowl on a tray. These are hand-decorated in patterns taken from a collection of family table linen and lace. Each piece is individual. Milk and sugar sets on an oval tray are also available.

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ROYAL - BONE CHINA & 22 CT GOLD, by Julie Collis

Julie’s Royal Collection is fine, delicate and elegant with a bit of quirk thrown in. The body of work is slip cast bone china that has a clear glaze and 22ct gold lustre is painted on and third fired to set in place. The raw materials are comparatively expensive, and the production is labour intensive, which is why bone china maintains a luxury status and high price. It has a superior whiteness, translucency and strength to porcelain. Royal deserves is name - fit for Royals.

Royal Series: Bone China and 22ct Gold

Royal Series: Bone China and 22ct Gold