Lighting - the Dance of Light with patterns & translucency...

Ceramic, Bone China & Porcelain all have a different density by nature. As such, they let more (or less) light through, which in turn creates either shadows and patterns, or a soft glow seeping through a porous surface. View some of the designs here.



A conceptual collaboration between potter Peter Collis and designer James Russ.

Beautiful hand-shaped bone china with the latest LED technology

Each light is unique in its own way, down to the smallest details.

A beautiful piece either on its own or as a set hanging together for the home

Stainless steel fittings with braided electrical flex


The Dandelion

Another great collaboration between Epsilon's James Russ and potter Peter Collis.

Taking advantage of our multi purpose ‘Big Bang’ light frame, we were able to develop with Peter Collis, a stunning Bone China feature light

Bone china cones differ in size, Large 36cm, Medium 30cm and Small 19cm. The light can have the complete 97 cones on the frame or it can be built with fewer, either option results in an amazing light.

97 Hand crafted Bone china cones, LED technology and individual spotlights which will create functional task lighting, this is a truly  organic looking light.


A collaborative project between Peter Collis,  James Russ and Anna Horley.

Cluster is a fun new bespoke lighting design that gives the client the control over the look they want and functionality they need. The cones can be added to or reduced for varied visual effect and light output requirements.

Luminous bone china cones with CFL/LED technology and braided electrical flex. 1, 3 or even up to 120 cones. The choice is yours!


Waka Lights

Waka Lights

The Collis Studio's Woven  Wakas have explored a variety of forms, colours and textures to much acclaim both here and overseas. The Waka Lights are an extension of this exploration, where the weaving of layers create positive and negative shapes - ideal for sculptural light.    

The Waka Lights come in a variety of colours, designs, sizes, shapes and functions: they can sit  as vertical or horizontal forms, reflecting light onto the wall and through the gaps in the weaving. 

They can also come in a bracket - made out of stainless steel, sitting proud off the wall and creating a dramatic centrepiece of a room or hall, or even superyacht where 1.6 meter-wide ones have been placed.

For more information on the range of Waka Lights, please contact us.